Release – Bobby Harrell Unanimously Reelected Speaker

Leadership Record earns Harrell another term as House Speaker

(Columbia, SC) – Today, the Members of the SC House of Representatives and our state’s 120th General Assembly voted unanimously to elect Bobby Harrell to another term as their House Speaker. The Election of Officers was one of the first actions taken by the newly-elected House during its two day Organization Session. All of the previous session’s Officers sought reelection this year, and as with Speaker Harrell, they too received resounding approval from the Membership to continue on in their leadership positions.
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Gov’s Office offers more Hacking Details & FAQs

The Governor’s Office has released more details about the hacking of 3.8 million Social Security Numbers, 387,000 credit and debit card numbers and 657,000 business tax filings.  The two links below will direct you to the Governor’s Frequently Asked Questions documents which includes not only more details about the data security breach but more details on how citizens and businesses can gain access to free identity protection the state is now offering.

Hacking FAQ document 1

Hacking FAQ document 2

We will post more information as it becomes available.

Action Alert! – SC Taxpayers’ Identities Hacked; Free Protection Available

 Attention: This most likely affects you!

Anyone who has filed a South Carolina tax return since 1998 is potentially a victim of cyber identity theft.  Free Protection is available to you, so please read this carefully.

Last week, South Carolinians were notified of a serious cyber infiltration of sensitive private citizen information at our state’s Department of Revenue.  Approximately 3.6 million files containing Social Security Numbers and credit card numbers were compromised in this cyber attack.
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Newsletter – Keep Harrell TV Ad

Dear Friend,
As Election Day draws closer, our new TV ad, “Keep Harrell” is now up on the airwaves and I wanted to share it with you. I am honored to count Congressman Tim Scott and Lt. Governor Glenn McConnell as well as Anita Zucker and Roger Warren as longtime friends and I appreciate their support in this ad.

Video – Keep Harrell TV Ad

Newsletter – Media-Driven Attacks Targeting Conservatives‏

Dear Friend,

As Election Day draws closer, we all expected the political attacks on conservatives to grow even sharper … especially those from the liberal media.  Their goal is to disrupt our conservative message and distract the public because they simply can’t win when it comes to the issues.
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Why aren’t SC state Senators acting like the Majority we elected???

Dear Friend,

Our recent Call to Action on delivering tax relief this year is working!  Because of your phone calls and emails, Senators are feeling the pressure.  They are quickly running out of excuses for why our Republican-controlled Senate is not acting like the Republican Majority you elected!
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Update: If you want taxes cut you need to call NOW!‏

 Dear Friend,

Right now, it is incredibly important that you get involved in what’s going on in Columbia.  People ask me all the time, “Bobby, how can I help?”

The House and Senate are in final debate on your State Budget right now and the only major issue left is whether or not South Carolina should cut small business tax rates by 40%.  The total amount of new revenue coming into state coffers this year is $1.3 Billion.  This reduction in small business taxes is $60 Million.  It is less than 5% of the new revenue.
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Update: House Accomplishments – But still more work to do‏

Dear Friend,
With the legislative session coming to an end I wanted to send you a quick update on some of the major items the South Carolina House of Representatives successfully passed.  The past few weeks the House has been consumed with ensuring a fiscally sound budget and delivering on some long overdue government restructuring.  As we continue to fight for these key conservative agenda items, I am pleased to report the following advances in the House on our reform agenda:

Update: Meaningful Tax Reform and a Conservative Budget‏

Dear Friends,
House Republicans have been very busy this week debating our annual State Budget and introducing legislation aimed at bringing meaningful, comprehensive tax reform to South Carolina families.